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Bank Note Counters

  Our range of easy to use Heavy Duty banknote counters come with various functions that offer operator peace of mind and convenience.

Various highly recommended feaures found on AusCount machines include the following :


DENSITY Function (DEN) - various models Allows the operator to detect when two or more notes are stuck together during the count. Machine will stop alert the operator to inspect before continuing.

VALUE Function (VAL) - various models allows the operator to process notes for an actual "dollar read out" on completion- not just displaying number of notes counted. It is the next generation up from regular note counters seen on the market today.

 Operator saves time by eliminating the need for manual calculations of dollar totals of the notes counted.

UV FUNCTION Counterfeit Note detection function - All models Machine stops and alerts operator when fake or suspect note has passed through machine.

INTERNAL RECHARGEABLE BATTERY - various models The internal battery pack allows complete portability and mobility for the operator as there is no longer need for mains power to operate. Counts 1000s of notes before the need to recharge !! Completely portable.. count - anywhere anytime ! 

BATCHING fUNCTION -(all models)   Programme easily any size batch required.


Make the laborious ,time consuming chore of counting money by hand a thing of the past !! 

We even have completely portable Rechargeable heavy duty units available.       

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