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             with Printer  (NEW $100 NOTE FRIENDLY)                                                                             SEE VIDEO  

     Forget about counting notes by hand ...

                                 Let "The Boss" take care of it!!


 The Boss counts all denominations in one easy pass and is perfect for end of day counts. In fact anywhere large and small volumes of banknotes need to be counted and tallied quickly and efficiently. 

 Just place all notes into the AUS1000 and press Start-- the advanced CIS Note recognition software will identify each note and give a total dollar value and breakdown of each denomination and, if you invest in an AUS1000 printer, you can have your results available in hard copy in seconds. 

 All that at a counting speed of up to 1000 notes a minute

                             - now that's fast!

The  Boss has a heavy duty  hardened plastic casing with long lasting rollers and internal mechanics designed for years of trouble free use. 

        No fuss easy to use interface keeps things simple -          

 Apart from from AUD this machine will count and process many other currencies

USD (US Dollars )  EUR (Euros)  CAD (Canadian dollars) JPY (Japanese Yen) 

CHF (Swiss Franc)  GBP (British Pound) + MORE


This Commercial Quality machine will satisfy all counting demands quickly and efficiently - 

Software is upgradable for any future new note releases .


FEATURES  -- 3 Separate modes of use 

1. MDC Mode (mixed denomination counting and valuing at the same time)

 This mode is a value counting mode for mixed denominations.There is a display function to check count details, quantities, denominations total the end of the count.

Speed 800/1000 notes/min in MDC modes

 Operator is able to put all denominations through the machine at one time 

- Notes do not need to be sorted prior to counting 

Machine wil show total number & value of notes counted as well as a breakdown of each denomination. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED


2. SDC Mode (single denomination counting and valuing at the same time)

 This mode is to count one single denomination at a time.
Using advanced auto note recognition the machine will automatically take the first note as the benchmark and will stop counting if meeting a different denomination.

Speed 800/1000 notes/min for SDC mode


 Stray or different denomination notes in the are detected thereby keeping the count accurate. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED


3. COUNT Mode (counting only)

 In this mode, you can switch on ADD or BATCH or ADD+BATCH.

3 Counting Speeds 800, 1000 or 1200  or 1500 (optional)notes per min

Great for simple tallies of number of notes counted  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED


4.VAL (Value) function

Allows the operator to process notes for an actual "dollar read out" on completion - not just displaying number of notes counted. It is the next generation up from regular note counters seen on the market today. Operator saves time by eliminating the need for manual calculations of dollar totals of the notes counted.    HIGHLY RECOMMENDED


5. Latest Inbuilt Counterfeit Detection Technology 

Allows for counterfeit note detection. Even though the Australian polymer currency is the leader in built- in anticounterfeiting features, there maybe environments where counterfeits or fakes of varying sophistication may be passed off as genuine notes.

 If the machine detects a suspicious note -  it stops the machine and alerts the operator

Counterfeit detection modes include: 

UV (ultraviolet) applicable for AUD   

MG (magnetic) applicable AUD

IR Reflected mapping applicable AUD

Inbuilt programmed note size, thickness and dimension detection 



6.DB Function (Double Note) 

Allows detection of notes that may be stuck together. When notes pass through the machine -  if 2 notes are stuck together the machine will stop to alert the operator that there is an issue for the operator to attend to before recommencing the count. 




Just connect to printer and start saving time and money with automated tallies and entries.

Simply press the print button after the counting is done for an overall total and a detailed readout of the number and totals of each denominations that have been procesed.  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

  • thermal line printing
  • speed 90mm/sec
  • easy to use 
  • replacement paper rolls available at any Officeworks
  • 12 month warranty




                             100% CUSTOMER SATISFACTION GUARANTEE 




Unit Dimensions: 28CM(W)*26CM(D)*27CM(H) 

N.Weight: 6.5KGS

Size of Countable notes: Minimum 110x60 mm, Maximum 185x90 mm

Add + Batching Function 

Auto or Manual start 

Hopper Capacity: 400-500 notes

Stacker Capacity: 200 notes

Power Supply: AC 100~240V ±10%, 50/60 Hz

Current: Maximum 1.8A (100~240 VAC)

Power Consumption: <50 Watts

Connection Port: USB, RS232, LAN