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 Note and coin counting machines take the effort out of processing and making your cash "bank ready".

They  are designed to save business owners time effort and labour costs from day one.

No more miscounts and wasting time on recounts.

The labour costs involved with staff counting and recording till tallies etc. can be substantial over longer term. 

For example - - say it takes an employee even just 1 hour each day in your workplace to count and tally money taken on the day trade -  this could add up to easily 5-6  hours wages per week -up to 300 hours per annum!!

 A money counter can do this same job in a few minutes - and get it right every time! 

It really makes a lot of sense on a number of levels for your business to move into automated note and coin processing.

Supermarkets, petrol stations, charities, retail stores, hotels, schools  - in fact any size business that handles notes or coins on a regular badsis can benefit easily by moving up to automated note and coin counting counting.


AusCount  banknote counting machines are :

  • designed for the Australian polymer note and other currencies
  • accurate and reliable
  • manually calibrated at our warehouse prior to despatch so you can get counting immediately
  • easy to use and affordable
  • have easy updatable software for any future new release banknotes if required
  • available for all budgets and counting environments

Our machines come with :

  • Manufacturer and local supplier support   
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee
  • 12 month warranty 

Have questions ? Need advice ? 

          Call Anthony on the AusCount Hotline 0478 154 085




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