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AUS2000 "PRO" BANKNOTE SORTER with Printer 

    The AusCount AUS2000 PRO is a superb commercial quality banknote sorter. This compact sized sorter is packed with features to make counting, sorting and recording banknote tallies a breeze!

This machine wil easily handle for the most demanding counting environments!! 

This is unit has all the counterfeit detection and note recognition functions of our topline Mixed Denomination counters-- while taking things to the next level with the ability to sort your notes by denomination and arrange your notes by both face, orientation and even versions of the same denomination.

 If you are after the top of the line - go for the the AUS2000 PRO  !!

Start saving time and energy getting your daily till counts and tallies ready with this little beauty!!  

 The machine comes programmed and ready for AUD including new release $20 , $50 and $100 notes... 

Check out the various modes below that are available with this machine                                                                

1. SORT Mode(SDC) - Need to separate and sort each of the denominations ?

This is where the "PRO" will really save you time and money from day one!! 

Simply put all your mixed notes in the machines and the inbuilt Advanced Auto Note Recognition technology will automatically take the first note as the benchmark -  other denominations will be moved into into the sorting stacker.

Operator removes notes from stacker and repeats until notes have been sorted into their denominations..this takes seconds !! 

If required operator can also then arrange these separate denominations by FACE and ORIENTATION or VERSION  for a fully professional presentation.(See below functions)

When operation is complete, you can view a detailed report of notes, totals and denoms counted by pressing the REC button. 

Speed 800/900/1000 notes/min for SORT mode



2) Version Sort Mode (SDVC)

  Australia has released new versions of its notes over the years - the last and final version release was of the 100 note in 2020.

After notes have been sorted (SDC sort mode) into denominations the operator can sort the denomination into its corresponding version.

This is automatically determined by the first note scanned when notes are loaded into the machine.

This can be useful to be sure that there are no bills of other versions in a large bundle of one version.

Any time a bill passes through the machine and does not conform to the version determined by the first bill, the machine will reject this bill into the reject pocket. Total number of bills and total value will be displayed on home screen.

When operation is complete, you can view a detailed report by pressing the REC button.




After notes have been sorted into denominations they can been arranged by the notes' orientation.  

 In this mode all notes are arranged in the same way up (direction) as they pass through the machine. Perfect for bank presentation. 



4. FACE Mode

After notes have been sorted into denominations they can been arranged with similar face  showing using the notes' note recognition software.    

In this mode the machine arranges all notes with the same face up as they pass through the machine.  Perfect for bank presentation.



5. MIX Mode   (same as you would find with mixed denom counters)  

 This mode is a value counting mode for mixed denominations at the same time.

There is a display function to check count details, quantities, denominations total the end of the count.

Program for continuous count - and the count never stops - just keep emptying the hopper

Speed 800/900/1000 notes/min in MDC modes

 Operator is able to put all denominations through the machine at one time 

Machine wil show total number & value of notes counted as well as a breakdown of each denomination.  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED


 6. COUNT Mode (counting only)


 In this mode, you can switch on ADD or BATCH or ADD+BATCH.

3 Counting Speeds 800, 900 or 1000 notes per min

Great for simple tallies of number of notes counted 


7. Inbuilt Counterfeit Detection Technology 

Allows for counterfeit note detection. Even though the Australian polymer currency is the leader in built- in anticounterfeiting features, there maybe environments where counterfeits or fakes of varying sophistication may be passed off as genuine notes.

 If the machine detects a suspicious note -  it is sent into the reject hopper automatically - no interruption of the count . The machine will auto evaluate suspicious note 

Counterfeit detection modes include: 

UV (ultraviolet) applicable for AUD   

MG (magnetic) applicable AUD

IR Reflected mapping applicable AUD

Inbuilt programmed note size, thickness and dimension detection 



8.Double Note function  

Allows detection of notes that may be stuck together. When notes pass through the machine -  if 2 notes are stuck together the machine will stop to alert the operator that there is an issue for the operator to attend to before recommencing the count. 



9. Thermal Printer Friendly - add a one of our thermal printers at any time or go for the printer package and save $$.

Easy connect printer to counter and start saving time and money with automated hard copy tallies and entries.

Simply press the print button after the counting is done for an overall total and a detailed readout of the number and totals of each denominations that have been procesed.  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

  • thermal line printing
  • speed 90mm/sec
  • easy to use 
  • replacement paper rolls available at any Officeworks
  • 12 month warranty



Smooth running commercial rollers and mechanisms on a mid size unit!

Quiet running non intrusive working db level !

Packed with sorting features found on much more expensive sorting machines.

Compact size compared to other big bulky noisy sorters on the market

Easy to move around your workplace

 Stylish design-- looks impressive in view.

Great in high visible retail locations. 

Reliable & highly accurate unit with latest CIS note recognition technology.   

Easy USB data collection feature-- and easy software upgrade when/if required

Easy to use modern interface -- operator friendly 

Designed for hassle free use in demanding counting situations.

 At last an affordable midsize sorter on the market that is more advanced and user friendly than other sorters out there!!  


Like this machine ?  Like to know more ?

       Call or TXT Anthony on the QUICK QUESTION HOTLINE 0478 154 085 now ..



Unit Dimensions: 300 x  330(D)*370(H) 

N.Weight: 15KGS

Size of Countable notes: Minimum 110x60 mm, Maximum 185x90 mm

Add + Batching Function 

Auto or Manual start 

Speeds 800 ,900, 1000 notes per min 

Hopper Capacity: 500 notes

Stacker Capacity: 200 notes

Reject stacker  80 notes

Software Upgrade - USB

Power Supply: AC 100~240V ±10%, 50/60 Hz

Current: Maximum 1.8A (100~240 VAC)

Power Consumption: <50 Watts

Connection Port:1 X  USB, 2X  RS232




                             100% CUSTOMER SATISFACTION GUARANTEE 

Have questions ? Need advice ? 

          Call Anthony on the AusCount Hotline 0478 154 085