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Counterfeit note occurrences are on the rise in Australia especially in retail, hospitality industries in fact ANY areas where cash is handled. 

User simply feeds single notes at a time quickly and efficiently for counterfeit evaluation.
 See the video above for operator procedures.

You will find the unit invaluable for peace of mind when handling cash transactions. 

This  counterfeit detector unit is especially calibrated for use with all AUD new AND older versions of  AUD denominations - including the new version $50 note.


 Tested for accuracy and counterfeit detection functionality for wide range of currencies including AUD by European Central Bank

Latest Inbuilt Counterfeit Detection Technology 

 Even though the Australian polymer currency is the leader in built - in anticounterfeiting features, there maybe environments where counterfeits or fakes of varying sophistication may be passed off as genuine notes.This unit has the latest inbuilt anti counterfeit technology - if the machine detects a suspicious note the inbuilt audible and visual alarm alerts the operator.

Counterfeit detection measures include

 2D Size Detection - checks for differences in note size of similar denominatons 


 Infrared  Detection.- Infra red detection for checking mapping of individual notes 

 Paper Quality Detection.- checks for differences in paper/polymer of notes being tested


Value + Denomination + Counting Functions

  Whilst primarily for fake note detection - the unit contains software that

 A  automatically identifies the denomination of each note

 B. can add notes together to give TOTAL VALUE

 C. also give a subtotal of each denomination

 D. as well as total note number of each denomination


 Dual Note Exit 

There is also a function for operator choice of front or rear exit of notes for suitability in work space.This maybe handy in areas next to registers etc  

Banknotes can be fed into machine from all 4 directions- operator does not have to sort notes into one direction prior to using unit. 

 Internal Recharge Function 

  The AUS350 is rechargeable making it completely portable and comes with heavy duty internal rechargeable battery allowing the checking of  hundreds of notes between quick recharges –(charger and adapter supplied ) May also be used with mains power. 

Power Saving Function - unit automatically turns off after 30sec idle time  

 Dual Note Detection  - machine is able to detect 2 notes that may be stuck together.Machine alerts operator of suspicious notes. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED especially in bars hotels clubs etc.where liquid spills on notes may occur

Updatable by PC USB cable.

Comments.  Excellent value and quality unit .The note value and sheet counting functions are features not normally found in other counterfeit detectors. Quick and accurate checking of notes.   Stylish unit looks modern and discreet near registers etc. Great addition for retailers hoteliers & anyone handling notes on a regular basis.

With a compact size this unit will process notes quickly to determine supicious notes under 1 second.

    If in line of site to customers - will act as a deterrent prior to attempted passing of fake notes



  1.  Operation Temperature: 0ºC- 40ºC
  2.  Compact stylish design  dimensions: 143 x 128 x 73 (mm)  
  3.  Storage Temperature: -20ºC- 70ºC. Humidity: 25% - 80%
  4.  Net Weight: 0.6kg
  5.  Display: Large LCD with blue backlight.
  6.  Power Source:240v / internal rechargeable battery - charger supplied 
  7.  Detection Speed: < 0.5 seconds/banknote
  8.  Power Consumption: 5W
  9.  Certification: CE, ROHS approved 
  10.  12 month warrany 
  11.  No special operator training required 
  12.  User manual 


Need more than one machine?  

We offer machine price and delivery cost concessions for those requiring machines for multiple sites and counting stations.  

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