Australian Banknote and Coin Counting Machines
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What is the value function used for ?-- This is a very handy function to have in a note counter.  You are able to programme in a denomination of banknotes you are counting eg enter $5  proceed with the count and the machine will tell you both how many notes have been counted and the value of the batch  ( say 49 units x $5 = $245 )


Will my note counter count other currencies ? -- Yes these machines are able to count other currencies eg USD & EUROS


Will my coin counter count other currencies ?-- Sorry the coin counters are only able to process Australian coins


Will my coin counter give me a dollar read out as well as the number of each denomiation counted ? -- Yes our coin counting machines are all programmed for this operation.


Is my note counter able to count leaflets and tickets ? -- Yes it is possible if the leaflets are paper of a similar size and thickness of banknotes  ( please email us you leaflet specifications)


Can your machines count the new $5 and $10 notes -  YES our machines can process the new $5 and $10 notes !!


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