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Where is Auscount based?  Auscount operates from our Thebarton office/warehouse in Adelaide South Australia.


Do you have interstate offices?  Not at this stage. However we FAST ship Australia wide.


What is the value function used for ? This is a very handy function to have in a note counter and only found in advanced machines.

  You are able to programme in the denomination of banknotes you are counting (eg enter $50  proceed with the count and the machine will tell you both how many notes have been counted and the value of the batch  ( say 49 units x $50 = $2450 ) The time savings associated with this convenient function will be apparent immediately.


Will your note counters count other currencies ?  Yes these machines are able to count other currencies eg USD & EUROS  see product info page for specifics to the machine you are interested in


Is my note counter able to count leaflets and tickets ?

 Yes it is possible if the leaflets are paper of a similar size and thickness of banknotes.

  ( please email us you leaflet specifications)


Can your machines count the new version $50 AND $20 notes ? 

AusCount machines count and process new and old versions of ALL Australian banknotes.They are easily updatable for any future new releases.


How do I update my machine ?

Depending on model - notify us regarding upgrade requirements- we either send you a software update on a USB stick with simple upgrade instructions (it will take a few minutes and you are done)


How much will it cost me to update my machine?

Absolutely free service with AusCount - shipping charges will apply to models requiring back to base upgrades.


Will your coin counter count other currencies ?

 Sorry the coin counters are only able to process Australian coins they will not differentiate foreign coins from Australian coins nor recognize fake coins .


Will your coin counter give me a dollar read out as well as the number of each denomination counted ? 

Yes our coin counting machines are all programmed for this operation.


Are these machines tax deductible ?

Yes they are  fully tax deductible - confirm with your financial service provider .


How about servicing  parts etc.?

Our machines are  designed for long term trouble free use – issues are generally due to dust build up covering sensors occasionally. We supply a dust cover and brush to minimize this.

As such these machines do not require servicing as such – if an operating issue becomes apparent- contact us.

The machines come with a full 12 month warranty.

Past that we can organize repairs at customer expense.


Need advice ? Chat with Anthony now  or  Call 1300 622 355  


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